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Without Jockeys there would be no horse racing. Still, unless they are protesting newly imposed race restrictions or involved in terrible on track accidents, jockeys go pretty much unnoticed. Their achievements are often overshadowed by the performance of the horse or the attentions paid to the trainers and even owners. Naturally, there are a few jockeys which have ridden their way to celebrity status, but in the end even - or especially - the averagely successful racing jockey should still be paid a fair amount of respect.

Jockeys are the only party in the ranks of the connections that almost certainly are in the business for the pure and unadulterated love of the sport. As jockeys are unlikely to get rich - they receive a small percentage of the prize money if they win and their 'mounting fees' are incredibly low - they are the members of the racing community we should pay tribute to.

This site acknowledges the often forgotten heroes of the racecourse, the ones who keep the industry going, the people risking life and limb to bring you the excitement of the races - the jockeys.

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Top Jockeys
The profession of jockey is the most dangerous and wild occupation going on the racing circuit. Consequently the individuals to pick this most irregular career path have quite a few interesting stories and biographies between them. If you would like to learn more about the best-known members of the jockey community, click here...

The Role of a Jockey
Being a jockey seems a pretty straight-forward occupation at first sight. However, a jockey has a remarkable number of responsibilities aside from directing a horse around a track. In fact, the job of a jockey is challenging not only physically but mentally on equal terms.

How To Become a Jockey
We see them at the track every race day - fearless little warriors in brightly coloured silks. But how does one actually embark on the journey of becoming a jockey? And what does the training for the profession entail? Click here to find some answers.